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A long standing debate amongst the financial independence community seems to centre on the topic of whether it takes high income or frugality to get you to FI quicker. Having been immersed in the pursuit of financial freedom for over 2 years now, I’ve come to the conclusion that frugality definitely helps the process but a high income will inevitably make the dream more of a reality – for us at least.

hustle your way to more £’s

According to the IFS, our household income sits in the top 2% in the country. I don’t like to say we’re lucky to be where we are – a lot of hard graft for over a decade has got us to where we are today. We are fortunate of our position but also proud as we worked hard to get here.

However, knowing the hard task ahead of reaching financial independence, we are beginning to hustle our way to more £’s. We only really began a few months ago and dabble in side hustles where we can. We both have demanding jobs & can only do a certain amount on the side before we begin to feel burnt out. However, every extra £ earned is one closer to our goal so I take what I can get gladly!

how we’re side hustling

The most lucrative side hustle we have is matched betting. We began in mid June as the World Cup started and to date (mid-September) we have earned £1,850, and that’s both of us doing the sign up offers on Profit Accumulator’s site. We weighed up whether or not to purchase a membership from Profit Accumulator at the outset, but I am so glad we did. Matched betting can be quite an involved process with a lot of moving parts. Having the list of sign up offers in front of us and being able to use Profit Accumulator’s odds calculator has really helped us earn way more to date than I expected us to. I have a whole other post planned about matched betting as there’s a lot to say but for now, the headline is definitely that there’s money to be made.

For better or worse, I have entered the world of surveys for some extra £’s. I think surveys are a double edged sword as there as so many sites out there where you’re earning pennies for long surveys. And, yes, pennies add up but I have a limited amount of time I can spend doing surveys so I have focused on two main providers – YouGov and Populus Live. Both these pay out when you reach £50 and it seems to take about 4ish months to get there. I personally feel like £50 is a decent chunk of change and if I can earn £200ish a year with these two I’m more than happy with that. I also do Reward for Thoughts as that earns me Avios points which I’m always happy to accrue as we love to travel and any points we can use is money saved in our travel budget.

TopCashback is a super easy way to earn extra cash on the side. Whenever I need to buy something online, I will check TopCashback for any deals there may be and now it’s such second nature for me to shop that way. An extra few pounds here or there simply for clicking through to a retailers website is a side hustle I can handle!

A one off side hustle for me has been to sell some stuff. This isn’t a long term side hustle as we are minimalists at heart and don’t really have a lot of stuff lying around to sell. Notable items I managed to shift for some money included a rare 50p coin I had and my old mountain bike that was gathering dust in a family members shed.

it all adds up

July and August were great months for me on the side hustle front, mostly from selling the few bits I had to sell and some TopCashback payouts. I think the total was close to £250, which is a significant chunk of change and helps us get closer to our financial goals.

More than anything, I think hustling is an important mentality. We are always striving for more – every pound we earn is a pound closer to our goal. I know some people use side hustle money for very specific items, which I think is great but for us, the money is all in one big metaphorical pot anyway so we don’t really demarcate. But that hustling mentality means we’re always hungry for more, we’re always happy to put the effort in, knowing we’re doing it to further ourselves. Plus, it helps knowing there are ways to side hustle so we can carry on hustling once we’re FI.

And we’re barely scratching the surface of the world of side hustles. Some people have the time and inclination to really up their side hustle game, which I can only aspire to! Maybe one day I will reach those heady heights, when full time work doesn’t have to be a necessity any longer.


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  1. These extra pounds definitely add up! I’m going to be moving my focus from saving to side hustling over the next few months. I’ll have to get used to looking at TopCashback first- I’ve been signed up for years but I always forget to check it before I buy something.

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