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on what we packed to go travelling

Last year, we took some time out from saving and went travelling for around 5 months. It was a wonderful experience – too wonderful to put into words sometimes. It definitely had an impact on us in more ways than one and it’s something we hope to repeat again – before we reach financial independence. We could wait and travel all we like when we no longer need conventional jobs, however, life is for living…

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on avoiding card fees on holiday

The flights are booked, the hotel room reserved and the case is packed – it’s holiday time! And in this wonderfully modern age we live in, gone are the days where you need to travel with travellers’ cheques or a whole stash of foreign currency. plastic fantastic Today, you can get away by jetting off with just some plastic in your purse. However, these aren’t your ordinary bank cards – 9 times out of 10…

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on cheap activities in new york city

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It’s a well known fact that New York City is an expensive place to visit. According to Business Insider, NYC is the 11th most expensive city in the world. But, whether you’re there for a week, a month or a year, there are ways and means to save on your everyday and discretionary expenses. Below are 10 ways you can save money in the Big Apple… if you’re visiting take public…

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