affiliate info

You might come across affiliate links in my blog – this really just helps me to keep the lights on for this blog. You can be sure too, that I don’t include affiliate links for anything that I don’t own and have tried and tested myself. Everything I talk about on this blog that has a affiliate link is pretty much part of our core life belongings (and we hate clutter so we don’t own much stuff).

Other affiliate links

Airbnb: we have used Airbnb a ton over the last couple of years. I find it simple, hassle free and a great way to find affordable accommodation. Airbnb have a great customer service so I always feel protected as a customer. We’re both a winner in this scenario – if you sign up for Airbnb with my link, you’ll get £25 off your first trip. When you book a trip of £55 or more, I’ll get £15 in travel credit too.

YouGov: I am not a crazy survey lady but I do quite like YouGov. Mostly because I always hear YouGov surveys referenced on the news & so it’s fun to think you were part of the findings of that survey. You complete surveys for points (generally 50 points a survey) and get £50 once you reach 5,000 points. The surveys are generally about 15 mins long & on a whole range of topics.

Prolific: This is a higher paying survey site than many others and it’s actually really interesting as you’re contributing to people’s actual research projects.

Quidco: I always, always check cashback sites before I make a purchase. I’ve made hundreds of pounds over the years just shopping like normal and earning cashback on everyday shopping, insurance and even holidays.

Profit Accumulator: If you’re thinking about started matched betting, I can highly recommend Profit Accumulator. They have made it so easy to earn a lot of side hustle money with matched betting – in 4 months we’ve made over £2,000 and still aren’t done working through the sign up offers.