Hi there, thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog because I wanted to record our journey to financial freedom. Our aim is to leave our conventional 9-5’s behind and begin living a different kind of life.

But this blog is more than spending reports and posts on whether you need to be frugal or maximise your income to achieve FIRE (financial independence, retire early).

Not that I’m nitpicking, I have learnt so much from other people’s blogs who are pursuing or are FI. I have just come to realise in the time we’ve been on this road there’s only a finite amount of posts to write about FIRE and the journey to get there. Which is why my blog isn’t just about FI – there’s more to me as a person than FI which is why I intend my blog to be as diverse as my interests.

In no particular order, you can expect to see posts on:

  • financial literacy and personal finance.
  • travel and travel hacking.
  • health (I have some health issues that feed into my finances that I have a lot to say about!).
  • anything else that takes my fancy.

Life is short and I’ve been known to say once or twice (a lot) that you can’t get these days back. You are living right now, which I think is easy for people to forget. But that’s the philosophy I live by, I try to live each day as best I can, whilst working towards my ultimate dream of being able to set my own agenda and live exactly the way I truly want to.

Oh, and we’re (me and my husband) anonymous as the internet is a wide open place & we don’t particularly want our employers to find out our intentions just yet.


I’m not a financial professional and everything that I talk about on this bog is for entertainment and informational purposes only. What works for me, may well not work for you – seek out a professional for financial advice.

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